well, technically i've been a sophomore since spring quarter, but it still feels more like im just turning into one now. it being second year and all. its very nice. although a little worrysome at the same time. I'm suppose to choose a major after winter quarter i think. but i wont know till then (or maybe till after this quarter, depending on the cutting) if i'll even get into what i want to get into. it's recently occurred to me that i should also have a fall back plan...

I met yet another person who didn't make it into VCD the other day. I've actually NEVER met anyone here who's made it into the program. Of course I know it's good that they're actually about quality control. plus people in the VCD program wouldn't be in classes at my level anyways. But it just makes me a bit nervous. I think the problem is I actually really think it shouldn't be very hard for me to get in, but it's The What If. I mean, I know it's not the end of the world if i didn't. And I could still do design on my own even if i wasn't accepted if i really wanted to. But I guess it's just the fact that it'd be an Official Ego Smashing "You Suck!" to me. which might actually be good for me anyways... whatever. I guess i'll just see what happens.

i think ive written about that at least 10 times already just this summer alone. I should find more variety of things to worry about... or not worry about anything at all. I like that better.

Aside from all that though, the first two days are making me feel like this should be a pretty nice quarter (despite having 8:30am classes 4 days of the week.). Design History should be a relatively easy class. especially since he's not into memorizing dates. Names and movements i can do. dates are the death of me. We get to watch Metropolis on friday, which is cool. My intro VCD class is the only one i'm not too sure about. Although, I do know that I'm going to have to make a REALLY big effort to participate and stuff. And be super anal about craftsmanship type stuff, which im not really into. At least we're doing everything on the computer (using Illustrator) now. They use to do it all by hand. And sociology of sexuality should also be an easy and fun class. Cause I mean, it's a class about sexuality, which is always interesting. It's also huge. 700+ people in the lecture part.

Work woven into academic schedule also seems to work well, although it feels like im either doing a whole lot of nothing or like everything at once (but its mostly the former). I was also all proud of myself cause at the end of the day I was pretty much on my own finishing stuff up (while happily listening to my headphones) and i think i did it all pretty much alright, even without the help of Scott. Took me a while, but I think i've finally figured everything out for the most part. Plus we turned in time sheets today so that means next week will be The Money for jayne. yay! My job is so cool. and the people are really nice. Plus I get to listen to music (always a plus) while I "work" on the computer.

jayne's having a happy start.


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